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 Welcome to All Members

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PostSubject: Welcome to All Members   Welcome to All Members EmptyWed Jan 04, 2012 11:09 am

cheers okey this s just a littel add on to the vampire hub in secondlife as you know many like the rp part as vamp but hard find people to join there community, even one has no place some you just start out, and want do the TURN of member so this why we decided make the vamp hub ,as it made for vampiers to come here hang out get know others maybe find a suted, member to join there clan , maybe youre new to secondlfe and is take intrest in the vamp world rp but not sure what it is ..have a opportunity to see youre 1st turn ceremony iff clan wishes, to we have a goth club for events,plus a ballroom for formal events / live music in due time we make photo contest +plus karoke theme night plus can arrange weddings , we have a manor home you can hang out to plus a castel for thos like bit of bdsm as part rp for some and shops you can rent at very good low price so in all it a happy friendly community for vampiers one who wish to see what it like,
we have rules ofc there be no living at the hub it hang out no try make youre own groups use the hub as yuore home base we not a war sim so do not ask of this we do not tolorate abuce off , difrent clan members or youre dispute can lead to warning even a ban, owners do not want be asked to join any members of clans please respct this,,, we happy to take on board any suggestions you have for the vampire hub, iff looking for work in club or as dj or any form work please post in the job section in the forum this forum is based to get know clans better and can help each other but no abuce ither way in the forums of Evil or Very Mad you be banned you can inworld conntact williamchandler resident or me kissbite huntress for anythnig if we not online leave msg or note for us plus you can leave msgs here to as we be regular read posts here

Respcet &Regards from ... williamchandler/ kissbite
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Welcome to All Members
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